Eliza Blake

Who is Eliza Blake?


Gin drinking, Scotch collecting lover of jazz and the kind of pornography nobody makes any more. Erudite, cheeky and debauched. Lover of lazy mornings; Apollonian and Dionysian in equal measure. Dancer, living work of art, courtesan, dominatrix and your guide to erotic enlightenment.

Why me?

I have an insatiable lust for life, an almost mystical talent for hot-wiring apathy. I take the work of a companion seriously, and I have a rich professional and academic life beyond this. One of my focal points is embodiment therapy, which gives me insight that few companions have. In short, I believe in the restorative power of the erotic, and I have experienced success working intimately with clients to resolve a multitude of psychosexual issues.

Leave your troubles at the door…

I see clients of all ages above 21 and nothing shocks me. I provide sanctuary from an apartment in a beautiful, safe and historic area of North London (panoramic views over the city free of charge. You will always be provided with a soothing atmosphere, a hot shower and refreshments.

I can be the perfect girlfriend but…

…if you want to let me take the lead, my specialty is what I like to call sensual domination. I am not a sadist, but I do enjoy psychological domination, sensory deprivation, edging and pegging very much.

5"7, 32D, dress size 8-10. A bombastic derriere.

As a general rule I'm a fan of long dresses and classic lingerie. I'm versatile and have years of experience moving through a wide variety of environments, but I am rather striking.

I am tattooed but not heavily (tattoos are removed from my pictures for my privacy) and have a few piercings. I’m told I have remarkably smooth skin and I have no cosmetic enhancements.

My hair is naturally dark brunette, long and wavy.

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