Eliza Blake

Dancer, healer, dreamweaver…

I am that woman you have always craved but couldn’t name.

Pure, unadulterated sensuality with a compassionate impulse and caustic wit. Over my time as a courtesan I have played many roles, manifested destinies.

I am that wild woman somebody warned you about, born of wanderlust. I settle for nothing but total vitality.


My extraordinary background puts me in a unique position. Having lived a youth on the BDSM scene, I am attuned to the complexities of trust, care and submission paramount to a fulfilling kink experience.

A lifelong, natural pansexual, I enjoy the company of men, women and all beautiful bodies in between.

My work in various forms of therapy keeps me committed to the caring dimension of companionship. I receive clients with all kinds of psychosexual issues by listening, responding to individual need and providing judgement-free intimacy.

Being a trained dancer means I have a holistic approach to the intersections of sensuality, health, embodiment and self-development.


I’m into single malts and Coltrane.

You can take me anywhere, I just can’t promise we won’t make a stir.

"Gorgeous, hugely intelligent, cultured and erotic. Fascinating conversation. Lovely environment. Attentive and responsive." 10/12/2018


"Beauty, brains and sensuality. The complete package." 05/01/2018


"Truly an enlightening experience." 22/05/2017


Solve et Coagula



I like to think of my work as alchemy of the heart. Do you want me to break it or mend it?